True North Church is after wholeness and health in families; equipping parents through finding real connections that allow kids to catch what being a follower of Jesus really looks like in community. We want kids to see how parents and those they surround themselves with do it (messiness and all). If the sermon with their family isn't the right environment yet, birth-5th grade have another space to go to on Sunday mornings.

KIDS spaces are first come, first served and only require some basic information once you’re in our database (a part of our security and paging system).  
Getting in the database is just a ONE-TIME thing and you can do it HERE, OR when you arrive Sunday morning!

What's our vision?

To teach our kids WHO God is, WHY He is real, and HOW to have their own relationship with Jesus!
There is no Junior Holy Spirit. When our kids commit their life to Jesus, they are equipped with the same spirit of God that we are! And we want our kids to KNOW Jesus, not just about him.

How do we do that?

Did you know that your kids have BIG questions about God and faith? Very few people ask them, but we do! We want to dive into faith with your kids and help them both choose a relationship with Jesus and navigate it; not because their parents told them to, but because they WANT to!
Sundays aren’t fancy. Our kids want to belong, feel safe, have fun, and be able to ASK QUESTIONS. They don’t need Bible facts thrown at them. Knowing about God doesn’t change hearts but knowing the Almighty God himself is what brings about change in all of us!

So, we’re going to focus on diving into BIG QUESTIONS about God and faith as a discussion WITH our kids. Bible stories and passages will accompany those conversations, but they won’t be the point. Our kids’ relationships with Jesus are the point. We want to meet kids where they are and get personal! But on top of that, we’re going to play games because kids are hands on learners. And faith in Jesus is fun!

At True North, we believe that church and faith aren’t just a Sunday thing. A relationship with Christ happens all week long. Sundays are a celebration of what God has done all week. So, we’re taking the video lessons we previously watched on Sundays (because they are awesome!) and linking them below for you to watch throughout the week at home! Trust us, you’ll be challenged by them too!
We’re excited to come alongside you as parents and invest in your kids!